Focused on tackling Non-Traditional Security challenges in the Mekong, training sessions for village chiefs and community leaders raise awareness. This knowledge empowers the public to actively engage in border protection, reporting and monitoring cross-border criminal activities.

On December 25, 2023, the Department of Provincial Administration advanced its continuous efforts mobilize the project “Enhancing People-to-People Connectivity to Address Non-traditional

Security Challenges in the Mekong Region”  (NTS-Mekong Watch). Consequently, each border district received official orders to establish the NTS-Mekong Watch Coordination Center – NTS-MWCC, specifically targeting the Thai-Lao and Thai-Cambodian border areas. This initiative addresses issues such as human trafficking, illegal drug transportation across borders, and illegal migration

Each district appointed the District chief officer as the head of the working group, the deputy district chief for security as the secretary, and subdistrict and village headmen as coordinators. Security officials in the area also form part of the working group, including immigration officers, provincial police station inspectors, and customs officers. The establishment of these coordination centers aims to encourage public reporting of law violations at the border, fostering a community-based approach to border security. Citizens can report incidents both offline and online through the NTS-Mekong platform (, enhancing public engagement in addressing NTS challenges comprehensively.

This initiative encourages citizens to actively contribute to border security, creating a system where they can report incidents directly to local authorities. The centers act as a vital link between the public and authorities, reinforcing a community-based approach to border security.

The project “Enhancing People-to-People Connectivity to Address Non-traditionalSecurity Challenges in the Mekong Region” is  supported by the 6th Mekong-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund (MKCF). The project focuses on two main strategies:1.Civic engagement to involve the public in border crime surveillance and reporting via NTS Mekong Watch website and NTS-MWCC and 2.People-to-people connectivity between Thai and neighboring country leaders and officials. The initiative includes visits to Laos and Cambodia by district chiefs and subdistrict headmen to discuss collaboration related to the NTS-Mekong Watch mechanism. These visits have already been completed between July and November 2023, strengthening cooperation in security and engaging in joint social and cultural activities. The next round of visits is scheduled to take place in February 2024.