February 28, 2567 at 2:00 PM, under the supervision of Ms. Wijaraporn Amatayakul, Director of the Technical Services and Planning Bureau at the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior, Ms. Sukhumal Wiriyothin, Ms. Sukhumal Wiriyothin, Director of the Foreign Affairs Division, was assigned to leads the project team of ‘Enhancing people-to-people connectivity to address Non-Traditional Security in the Mekong Region’ (NTS-Mekong Watch) meeting with Mr. Korkher  Chantalertluk , the Director of Thaipbs, and Mr. Theppachai Yong, a senior journalist and editor of the “Thai PBS World” program, along with the Thaipbs news team at the  Thai PBS office.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the  DOPA’s mission to strengthen relations with neighboring countries.

The discussion was constructive, and Thaipbs expressed interest in communicating the project’s objectives to the public, particularly regarding the establishment of “Building strong cross-border communities. This topic is expected to become a public agenda in the future, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the bordering areas to address non-traditional security in the Mekong region.